About Us

AAMEG is an urban music entertainment Label & Company, focused predominantly on American & UK Afro Beats artists/music among other genres of music and music related services. As a music label, we are currently working hard passionately to develop & promote our main/1st headlining act/artist. This individual is an up & coming multi-talented, American based afro beats artist, who already has a string of hits/bangers under his belt while also working with known & established artists and producers.

As AAMEG works on promoting its current artists, we are also doing our best to increase our artist roster while our overall company also develops & expands into other areas. This includes providing services such as; A&R, Club & Event promotions, Dancers, DJs, Producers, Mixing & Mastering, Models, … and so on.

AAMEG…”1Team 1Dream 1Vision”